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Girl gets awesome tattoo to ‘remind the world’ she's deaf in one ear

Try a Temporary Tattoo Who knew there was something called a deaf tattoo? A simple mute button behind the ear can save you the time of telling every person you meet about your disability. This trend started after a girl went viral for her friendly way of telling people that she was in fact deaf.

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1. SmashingK • 3 min. ago. I tend to think that too each time I see an image of this tattoo. I think it's easy enough to understand the person is deaf with this icon. Microphone would be correct but this conveys no sound which works. 1. moodyfloyd • 3 min. ago.

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19 Share ADVERTISEMENT Your tattoo can not only be meaningful or simply aesthetic, it can also be functional. Imgurer raingoose has recently uploaded a photo of her minimalist tattoo of a muted speaker to show that she's deaf in her left ear.

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3/11 Abstract Shadow "This design is actually my own creation. She's deaf in one ear, the one she got the tattoo behind," says tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi, also of Bang Bang in New.

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Tattoos & Piercings 14 Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas That Are Creative and Cool By Taylor Augustin Published on 09/28/23 08:00AM @little.tattoos / instagram A behind-the-ear tattoo is an increasingly popular placement for ink. Why is that? Well, for starters, it's such an unexpected and cool spot.

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Delicate behind ear tattoo for hard of hearing I am hard of hearing (not D/deaf) and looking into my very first tattoo as a 35th birthday present to myself. I want to get a tattoo behind my ear to both show this part of my identity and as a subtle message to speak up.

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24 Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas Perfect For Minimalist Ink Discrete and chic. by Paris Giles and Carolyn Steber Updated: Oct. 31, 2022 Originally Published: May 6, 2022 Shutterstock

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purple butterfly tattoo behind ear. The purple butterfly tattoo is a symbol of freedom and spiritual awakening. They are a sign of change, transformation, and renewal. The butterfly symbolizes the transformation from one form to another, from caterpillar to butterfly. It is also a sign of the soul's journey in life.

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Elisa Menzel, from Germany, got the icon of a muted sound button tattooed behind her left ear to indicate her partial deafness after she became exasperated telling people again and again about her.