Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (2023)

Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (1)

Whenever we are planning a party or a big celebration, cake fits in without a doubt. It is a delicious dessert that adds more excitement and happiness to the atmosphere. Remember the days when you have to go down to a cake shop just to purchase a birthday or anniversary cake? Well, not anymore. There are so many online cake shops across Singapore where you can simply purchase a cake from the comfort of home and get it delivered to your doorstep instantaneously. And if you have forgotten to bring one to a party, you can get it delivered right on time with the same day delivery service.

Here is a list of some of the best online cake shops that deliver yummy cakes across Singapore with hassle-free delivery services.

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Cake Delivery by Whyzee
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (2)A reliable cake delivery brand is key, and Whyzee commits to this promise. Whyzee specializes in Cake Delivery of Seasonal Products and Artisanal Cakes ranging from Birthday Cakes and Eggless Cakes to Swiss Rolls. Other than a physical shop at 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, #01-30, S575629, the cakes are also available online. Island -wide delivery is available at $10 and free delivery for orders above $80. Pressed for time? There is also an express cake delivery option within one hour.
Tel: 9773 2434 (Whatsapp)

Mori Cakes Cake Delivery
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (3)
Mori Cakes offers a wide variety of cakes for delivery, with cake selection for every occasion. From the local inspired and highly raved Ondeh Ondeh Cake, to the unique Okinawa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly Cake, you will definitely find a cake that will delight your family and friends. We also spotted other artisanal cake selections including the Mao Shan Wang Chocolate Fudge Cake and the Earl Grey Lavender Cake. Living up their reputation as a premier bakery, Mori Cakes offers full refund or replacement of your cake order should it be unsatisfactory. Mori Cakes is perhaps one of rare few bakers to offer this. The bakery also caters for last minute cake orders, and you can get your cake within 1 hour of order!
Tel: +65 8847 4815

Dig In CakesSnippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (4)Offering more than 50 different flavours of cake, Dig In Cakes does same day delivery, ensuring you are always well prepared to celebrate a birthday or a sweet gift to your loved ones. And what’s better than to be able to enjoy instant 1 hour delivery, or even midnight delivery, especially when a special occasionslips your mind! With such a wide selection of cakes, including crowd favourites such as Pandan Kaya Cake and Yuzu Osmanthus Cake, you will easily find one that fits into the occasion.

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Bob The Baker BoySnippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (5)Honoured to have designed birthday cakes for many local celebrities,Bob The Baker Boyis amongst the highest rated bakery in Singapore, with 4.8 rating on Google and Facebook.Started with a passion to make people happy through bakes, whether it is birthdays, corporate events, or gifting, they focus on customisation and delivering personalised bakes to whoever you are looking to impress. For that special occasion, Bob The Baker Boy will make it extra special.
Tel: +65 9499 4015

Ferns N Petals
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (6)If you are looking for decadent cakes in Singapore for your special celebrations, Ferns N Petals is there to help. Ranging from chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, and muffins to moon cakes- they offer a wide variety of scrumptious cakes. Their cakes are sure to erupt the volcano of rich flavours and textures in your mouth. You can buy the cakes of your choice quickly and conveniently from their website and get delivered anywhere in Singapore with their same-day, midnight, and next-day delivery services, which are available at minimal charges.
Tel: +65 9727 9363

The Cake Shop
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (7)Made by the finest bakers, the cake shop, Singapore offers online a wide selection of sponge cakes, 3D cream cakes, money-pull cakes, cartoon cakes, caricature art cakes, cream puffs, cookie pops, and roll cakes. You cannot get enough of their flavoursome cakes that taste like heaven. The cake shop provides the same-day delivery service 7 days a week within Singapore. You can simply place an order on their website to avoid the hassle of getting the cake on your own.
Tel: +65 6570 3033

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Cat & the Fiddle
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (8)Cat & the Fiddle is one of the best cake shops in Singapore that offers a diverse cheesecake section of 20 flavours. If you are a huge fan of cheesecakes or looking for one for an upcoming celebration, Cat & the Fiddle is your go-to-shop. Ranging from the New York cheesecake to Oreo cookies & cream cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake to red velvet cheesecake- you’ll come across plenty of cake flavours on their website that taste incredible. Each bite will leave an everlasting impression on your taste buds. They offer doorstep delivery service for express, urgent, and same-day cake requests in Singapore.
Tel: +65 6287 0077

Happy Oven
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (9)At Happy Oven, natural ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and butter are used in baking instead of pre-mixes and cake mixes. They believe in the traditional way of baking and most of their items are handmade. The bakers at Happy Oven create treats that are less sweet and more balanced. Apple Crumble, Ondeh Ondeh, Pandan Kaya Cake, Cream Puff, and Éclair are their top 5 bestselling cakes. Happy Oven offers free delivery for all orders above $200.
Tel: +65 6270 7411

Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (10)Temptations is a home-grown cake shop in Singapore that bakes delicious cakes and pastries. It is known to offer the best Durian cakes in Singapore. Their signature Chocolate Etoile Cake is one of the bestselling chocolate cake in Singapore. Apart from these, they offer customised birthday cakes, fruit cakes, Oreo cakes, rainbow cakes, sugee cakes, money roll cakes, and Swiss rolls that you’ll be tempted to order from their website. They offer same-day delivery of cakes and pastries and the delivery charges start from $30.
Tel: +65 64409200

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Oscar’s Cakes
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (11)Ranging from signature cheesecakes to refreshing fruit cheesecakes to local delightful cheesecakes- Oscar’s cakes offers cakes in different flavours, designs, and sizes. Be it a birthday party, wedding celebration or a date for two- their rich-flavoured cakes are best to cater to all tastes and preferences. Oscar’s cakes offers free next-day delivery of cakes across Singapore.

Lady M
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (12)Lady M is a premium online cake shop in Singapore that combines French pastry techniques with Japanese etiquette of precision. They are known for their signature Mille Crepes, which are prepared by stacking 20 paper-thin crepes alternated with layers of light & fluffy cream. You can also checkout their range of whole cakes that includes royal milk tea mousse, strawberry shortcake, gateau nuage, couronne du chocolat, and checkers. Lady M provides next day delivery for orders placed and confirmed by 12pm on the present day.
Tel: +65 6509 3673

Cake Avenue
Snippets: Top 8 Online Same Day Cake Delivery Services In Singapore (13)The team of Cake Avenue offers uniquely designed cakes and pastries that will keepyou going back to their shop. Ranging from the signature whole cakes to buttercream designer cakes to animal series designer cakes, they offer online plenty of heavenly cakeoption for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. You can avail same-day delivery of cakes at their website with a minimum ordering period of 4 hours. The delivery is charged at $20 per location.
Tel: +65 6877 9008

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You can trust these amazing online cake shops in Singapore to make your upcoming celebrations special and memorable.

Images: All images are taken by the respective brands and their social handles.

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Can I send cake to Singapore? ›

You can send cake to Singapore from India via Winni. Choose from our wide cake selection, place an order online, and you will be able to select the date and time of delivery and receive it the same day!

Can I order a cake and get it the same day? ›

Luckily, with the convenience of the internet, you can now easily order a birthday cake online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep, even on the same day!

Which apps are best to order cake online? ›

Winni offers one of the best cake delivery app in India on android as well as on IOS.

What is the purpose of online cake shop? ›

You can buy online birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, designer cakes, wedding cakes and much more. These versatile and multi-purpose items are perfect for every occasion. While ordering cakes online, you will get to know that there are more than 100 designs and sizes, and you can choose the one you like to have.

Can I send food from Singapore to us? ›

Most packaged food items are ok, but no meat products or perishable foods (aka No Bak Kwa) The U.S Customs permits sending packaged & prepared food items. Other items that are generally allowed are condiments, vinegar, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee, and tea.

Can cake be shipped internationally? ›

When it comes to sending food items abroad via courier, the rules are relatively simple: You cannot send any food items that are classed as perishables (things that can go off or that can spoil during transit). This is the most important rule of all, and as long as you stick to this rule, you will be just fine.

How do you transport a cake for 2 hours? ›

Instead place your cake on a flat, level surface, such as in the trunk of the car. For added stability, use a non-skid mat (or even that yoga mat in your trunk) to prevent the boxes from sliding around. Keep temperature inside and outside the car in mind. Cakes should be kept cool to prevent melting.

Can you send a cake overnight? ›

If Possible, Ship Overnight

Ensure your shipping label is securely fastened to the outside box and arrange for shipment. Keep in mind what you are shipping and where it is going—items that should remain cold should probably be shipped overnight.

Where do the Kardashians order their cakes from? ›

The Kardashian family's favorite celebratory cake is going viral on TikTok — and stirring rumors about its price tag. For over 30 years, Hansen's Cakes in Los Angeles has been making cakes for the Kardashian-Jenner family — specifically their flower-topped basket weave cake.

Which is one of the best online food delivery app? ›

Best Food Delivery Apps: Top 9 Food Delivery Apps (2023)
  • Toast TakeOut.
  • Uber Eats.
  • DoorDash.
  • ChowNow.
  • Grub Hub.
  • Caviar.
  • Seamless.
  • Postmates.

What is digital cake? ›

A self-paced online cake decorating program to take you from never having made a cake from scratch to being confident home bakers capable of making beautiful, delicious cakes, without having to figure it all out on your own.

How to start a cake a business from home online? ›

How to Start an Online Bakery: Summary
  1. Get the right licenses.
  2. Find your niche.
  3. Create a brand.
  4. Create an online store.
  5. Showcase your baked goods.
  6. Price your baked goods fairly.
  7. Package and ship your baked goods.
  8. Invest in marketing.
Sep 6, 2021

How to sell bakery products online? ›

How to sell baked goods online in just 5 steps
  1. Create your online store. ...
  2. Set up your product pages. ...
  3. Select your apps and sales channels. ...
  4. Pick your payment gateway. ...
  5. Market your baked goods store.

How much is shipping from Singapore to USA? ›

Price Comparison - Shipping Cost From Singapore to USA
CompanyDurationPrice 2kg
JustShip2 - 5 Days$70.95
Singpost (Speedpost Express)6 Days$159.00
DHL3 - 4 Days$210.00
FedEx International Priority1 - 3 Days$258.73

How long does it take to ship from Singapore to USA? ›

It depends on which shipping mode you use. Shipping express can take as few as 1-4 days – but express is the most expensive mode, and is not suitable for large shipments. Air freight shipping will take about 6-13 days. Sea freight shipping takes 50-54 days, but is the most affordable if you can wait.

How to send a package from Singapore to USA? ›

Follow these steps if you want your shipment to reach the USA from Singapore safely and smoothly.
  1. Create a DHL Express Air waybill (AWB).
  2. Prepare a shipping invoice.
  3. Pack your shipment.
  4. Call up for your shipment collection.
Jun 9, 2021

Can I bring cake to USA? ›

You may bring bakery items and certain cheeses into the United States. The APHIS Web site features a Travelers Tips section and Game and Hunting Trophies section that offers extensive information about bringing food and other products into the U.S. Many prepared foods are admissible.

Can we deliver cake in USA? ›

You can avail our same day and same delivery services to send Valentine's Day Cakes to USA and convey your romantic feelings for your partner. Similarly, you can also avail our same-day and next day delivery services to send Thanksgiving, New year or Christmas Cakes Online to a relative.

What are the best baked goods to send overseas? ›

Dense and dry baked goods, like biscotti, nut bars, shortbread, and gingersnaps, ship the best. Cookies with fruit stay moist because of the fruit. Don't send cookies with custards, icings, or special toppings—they'll spoil easily.

How do I ship a cake overnight? ›

How to Ship a Cake
  1. Use a cake shipping box. A fitted Styrofoam mailer will prevent the cake from jostling in transit.
  2. Keep the cake cool. ...
  3. Insert the mailer into a box. ...
  4. Seal the box. ...
  5. Use stickers to mark the outside of your box. ...
  6. Your cake is ready to be shipped.

How do you travel 8 hours with a cake? ›

The best option is a silicone baking mat like this that is a little larger than your cake. Put the mat down first and then place the cake on top of it. The non-slip mat will prevent the cake from sliding around as you drive and ensure that your cake arrives safely!

How do you travel 6 hours with a cake? ›

Solution: toothpicks. A handful of toothpicks and aluminum foil can help preserve the frosting and protect it from dust, dirt, or anything else that may stick to your cake in travel. Gently stick about 5 to 6 toothpicks around the top of your cake, then loosely drape aluminum foil to create a tent around the cake.

How do you keep a cake cold when transporting? ›

If there's no other option and you have to, be sure to place reusable ice packs or dry ice packs around the cake box to keep the layers chilled.

How do you travel with a cake for 5 hours? ›

Drive with the air-condition switched on if available. Cakes that have to travel for more than 1-2 hours should ideally be covered in fondant or buttercream rather than fresh cream or cream cheese / mascarpone frosting as these types of covering are more stable and do better outside of the refrigerator.

Where is send a cake located? ›

Our products are shipped from our offices in Seattle, Washington. Please see our FAQ page for any questions or contact us by emailing or calling at 206-709-5001. Our primary mode of support is via email. Please don't think this means we don't want to speak to you — quite the opposite, actually!

Where is the best place to leave a cake overnight? ›

An unfrosted cake will store at room temperature, wrapped in plastic wrap, for 24 hours. You can refrigerate it for up to 3 days. To freeze unfrosted cakes, tightly wrap the individual layers in foil for up to 1 month.

Can you send baked goods internationally? ›

Use a USPS Priority APO/FPO/DPO boxes to ship items overseas. When mailing homemade baked goods, make sure each piece is individually wrapped and then packed into an unbreakable container. Place the gifts in a sturdy box and cushion with packing peanuts or foam. Seal it securely with packing tape.

Where does Oprah buy her cakes? ›

Oprah Winfrey LOVES Carousel Cakes and we're grateful for the attention she has given to our family's bakery over the years. Lots of our customers found out about Carousel from “Oprah's Favorite Things”. In fact, she put our Red Velvet Cake on the map and today deliver this best seller all over the country!

What bakery do the Kardashians use? ›

Hansen's Cakes has been making cakes and pastries for seven generations. But when Keeping Up With the Kardashians filmed there in 2011, documenting Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian shopping for their wedding cake, the bakery gained global fame.

Which site is best for online food delivery? ›

FAQs About The Top Restaurants and Delivery Websites

What is the most widely used food delivery app? ›

Key food delivery statistics
  • China is the largest market for food delivery, with a market size of $42.5 billion in 2022. ...
  • The entire food delivery app industry is expected to reach $165 billion market size by 2029.
  • Uber Eats is the most popular food delivery app, Delivery Hero has the most collective users.
May 24, 2023

Does zomato work in USA? ›

In January 2015, Zomato acquired Seattle-based restaurant discovery portal Urbanspoon, which led to the firm's entry into the United States and Australia. This U.S.-expansion brought Zomato into direct competition with similar models such as Yelp and Foursquare.

What is the best selling cake in America? ›

Red Velvet Cake

This American classic is traditionally made for Valentine's Day and Christmas.

What country has the best cake? ›

Scotland is the country called the land of cakes which is originally one of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom.

What is the most luxury cake? ›

Debbie Wingham's Runaway Cake – $75 million

The cake stood 6 feet tall and weighed 1000 pounds. The next question arises, what was so expensive about it? Well, it was made not just of chocolate but 4000 pink, yellow, black, and white diamonds.

What social media is best for cake? ›

Effective social networks for a bakery business
  • Google My Business. Google My Business is especially crucial when it comes to social media marketing for local businesses like bakeries. ...
  • Instagram and Pinterest. ...
  • Facebook. ...
  • Twitter.
May 24, 2019

Is cake app free? ›

Cake is available for free even if you do not subscribe to Cake Plus.

What is firefly cake? ›

This has a layer of our Chocolate truffle cake and a layer of our sour cream pound cake covered and filled with our signature caramel icing.

How can I promote my cake business online? ›

Ideas & Resources for Marketing Your Bakery: Rising to the Occasion to Win More Customers
  1. Smells Are Free! ...
  2. Tempt Your Customers. ...
  3. Entice People through the Door. ...
  4. Offer Up Free Samples. ...
  5. Be Smart on Social Media. ...
  6. Strike Up a Convo or Hold a Survey. ...
  7. Much Ado About Day Old Bread. ...
  8. Start a Website with Online Ordering Functionality.

Does cake business make money? ›

It all depends on what you're trying to get out of it! If you focus on custom work in your bakery, such as cakes for big events, you can make about $1,000 per month. If you simply do a few individual custom orders a week, you can expect to make approximately $300 a month, on average.

Is selling cakes a good business? ›

While some experience cake business profits that are even higher for luxury cakes, like wedding cakes, or special order and custom cakes, you can expect to make between 10% and 40% profit if you are doing it right.

Can we send food to Singapore? ›

SFA requires an import permit for all commercial food and food products brought into Singapore, regardless of the mode of transport (e.g. by air, land, sea or parcel post). Apply for an import permit via TradeNet. You will be assigned a Unique Reference Number.

Can I send sweets to Singapore? ›

Food items are allowed in as long as they are non-perishable, ambient and sealed in manufacturers' packaging. So chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps, snacks and all the other goodies that go into our Gift Boxes are fine to send, although customs will occasionally inspect a parcel to check its contents.

Can you mail baked goods internationally? ›

Yes! You can ship these baked goods internationally, as long as you understand these items are shipped at your own risk and the country you're shipping to doesn't have any carrier and/or governmental restrictions in place.

Is it possible to ship a cake? ›

Your local post office or delivery service location will have all the appropriate packaging supplies you need. After wrapping your cake, put it in a cake box and place it in an appropriately sized Styrofoam mailer or bubble-wrap lined mailing box.


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